Steven LaBroi
Founder and President

Steven E. LaBroi, has over 30 years in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship.  His career encompasses experience in manufacturing, telecommunications, the film industry, healthcare, and franchising.  Throughout the duration of his career he has gained knowledge of customer acquisition, profit and loss, business strategy and much more.




Steven has dedicated the remainder of his life and career to the financial services industry.  With a BA from Morehouse College in finance and banking, Steven is committed to teaching others the valuable strategies he has used throughout his life to maintain and manage personal finances.


He started this journey by becoming the managing Director and Chief strategist of The LaBroi Insurance Group, LLC. LIG is an independent financial strategy firm specializing in unique 100-year-old strategies that teach individuals, families, and businesses various ways to build wealth and legacies that will guarantee positive savings and retirement planning.   


Steven set out to ask clients one simple question, “Who taught you how to manage money?” Through this Steven discovered that 9 out of 10 people build money management habits own their own. This proved that people learn to generate INCOME, pay bills, and manage to the concerns of a credit score system and too many people are still falling victim to needing it NOW!


In response to seeing the increasing number of young people struggling to create strategies that would assist in meeting both current and future financial goals, Steven created Millennial Banking Concept. The Millennial generations who follow their parents (baby boomers) desire the same success, but want it NOW or at least the trapping of success.  However, managing debt and their thirst for making their own way continue to conflict with one another during the early years of adulthood.

Millennial Banking Concept offers educational tools and resources that will assist in building a foundation for controlling finances while building wealth for the future.

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