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College Tuition Payback Guaranteed

Student loans currently can not be written off in any way, so your credit reputation can be hurt very badly if you don’t manage the payback properly.  However, if you develop a plan with certainty on when the loans can be paid off it takes a considerable amount of pressure off your life and lifestyle.


We can educate you on one of the following options:

1.      Either take current student loans and incorporate the payments and balances in your MBC program.

2.      Plan proactively on what you may need  for education expenses and strategically plan using MBC how it will be paid back.


529 programs are much like 401k’s, they are tax-deferred plans, however, they have one general component that we must pay attention to when we save in these programs.  All moneys generated and in the plan must be used for “Educational Expenses.”  The funds accumulated in an MBC program can be used for ANYTHING.  There are no penalties, or taxes if you use the plan for expenses or things other than educational expenses. 

Benefits of an MBC Account

 Benefits of MBC differ for each student but will offer the following:

  • First Asset

  • Long Term Savings

  • Asset Protection via contract

  • Clear Financial goal setting

  • Pay Off Debt

  • Control of the Credit Score System

  • Grow Points Benefits with credit card companies

  • Pay loans anytime - unstructured

  •  Potential Dividend Accumulation

  • Planned wealth building

  • Predator-Creditor Protection

Who Can Benefit From MBC?

Millennials at ANY Income level, whether they are hourly wage, self employed, a business owner or working in Corporate America can benefit from and maximize the MBC methods. If you are willing to commit to your financial future through financial literacy MBC is for you.

What Are MBC Features?


  • 4-5% growth

  • No Penalties while using funds

  • Tax-Free Growth

  • Tax-Free Access

  • Unrestricted Payback


MBC vs. Versus 401k for Millennials

  • No Restrictions

  • No Penalties

  • No 59 ½,

  • No 70 ½,

  • No RISK,

  • Manage Through Economic Ups and Downs


This does not mean you don’t diversify your portfolio with other products, but this will give you the freedom to build savings allowing you to prepare for life matters two different ways.

  1. Penalty Free

  2. Retirement and Tax-Planning Objectives

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