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The Money Mastery® system is a personal financial literacy program aimed at helping couples and individuals eliminate debt, reduce tax liability, and create a predictable retirement. Its ultimate goal is to help you build wealth on ANY income.

If you’re currently living paycheck to paycheck, burdened by debt and have no plans for the future then you need Money Mastery. Get your spending immediately under control, eliminate ALL debt in 9 years or less (including your mortgage), and double, even triple your retirement – and do all this with the money you’re already making! Using our risk-free system, top-notch planning tools, and one-on-one expert advice you can build wealth on ANY income. 

The Money Mastery Personal Financial System is a holistic approach to increasing wealth. Your membership in the program, will teach you how to efficiently manage your cash flow, such that you will have more money per month, get out of debt quickly, have emergency savings and an extra $300,000 (typically). One day you will have enough passive income that you can make the decision to continue working, or not. Remember, you are taking action to enhance your financial management skills, and by becoming a member and following the Money Mastery Program it will bless you for the rest of your life! In our experience, $19.95/month is worth $300/month.

There is no contract required. You can upgrade your site at any time. Upon your sign up, you will receive a confirming letter on which your Username and Password will be recited. Any questions, contact, or after you have signed up, click on My Coach for personal attention.

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